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The Asian mail-order giant Banggood (comparable with our well-known Amazon) has become a household name – and this is mainly because western customers usually pay at least half the price compared to a local retailer. In this regularly updated article you will find the latest discount offers and voucher codes from Banggood.

Exclusive Banggood Coupon Codes

▪ For our readers we have received exclusive discount coupon codes from Banggood, with which you can save up to 25% when buying Mavic, Spark, Mini FPV Racers and accessories such as Runcam Split, FrSky XLITE, antennas, etc. You can find these coupons on our coupons page. This section is constantly updated, so check back often.

Almost all of our consumer goods are produced in Asia these days. If you order directly there, you usually save a third to half of the price that local resellers charge. And ordering from Banggood is really as easy as ordering your items on eBay. There are no disadvantages – you only have to wait one or two weeks longer for the articles (usually 14-20 days). It’s worth it! Among all other Asian dealers, Banggood delivers in record time. So far, we never had to wait more than 20 days for our orders to arrive.

How to order?

Ordering items from Banggood is simple: you just need to create a customer account the first time you visit the Banggood website. Any payments are made via Paypal – as if you were buying on eBay, including buyer protection, of course.

How long does the shipment take?

If you choose the “Priority Mail Direct” shipping method when ordering, the order will usually arrive within 14-20 days. According to our experience (several hundred orders now) the delivery time is usually very reliable in this range. This shipping method should always be chosen. You can do without the additional “shipping insurance” – because with a purchase via Paypal you will get your money back if the goods should not arrive. In this case, an email to Banggood with the note that the article has not arrived after a maximum of four weeks is sufficient.

What about complaints?

Should an article be damaged or not arrive at all (this happens very, very rarely after our experience and mostly only with small articles) you will get your money back with ease. The payed amount is transferred back to the respective Paypal account after Banggood has been informed by email that the article did not arrive. Emails are usually answered by Banggood within 24 hours.

Are there any customs duties?

If you order with the “Priority Mail Direct” shipping method, there are no customs duties to pay (at least here in Europe). The ordered items are then shipped via the Netherlands and come directly to the buyer’s front door. There are therefore no customs duties or surcharges on the article price to pay. We are not shure regarding ordering in the US but it should be similar there.




In the following you will always find the latest Banggood vouchers, discounts, promo or pre-order promotions. Just click on the image of the respective promotion to go directly to the respective Banggood product page. If a coupon code is necessary, this is also indicated.

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Promo: Big Spring Sale

9% Off Code for all Hobby Category Items

8% Off Code for all Electronics Category Items

Sprint Sale: 10% Off

4-5S Brushless Motors



FrSky X-LITE Promo!

Up to 30% Off for Drones and FPV Racers

Up to 28% Off for FPV Racers and Parts (Code: “28rc”)

9% Sitewide Coupon, 50% Off for various parts

Up to 80% Off for Transmitters

10% Off Coupon for Kospet Smart Watch (Code: “kospet10”)

15% Off for Outdoor Items

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Exclusive Coupons, Save up to 80%

7% Off Coupon, Sitewide

Coupon for ISDT C4 Charger

Blitzwolf 10W Bluetooth Soundbar

50% Off for Earphones and Speakers

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28% OFF for Multirotor Parts

10% OFF for MoFun Black Battle Dragon DIY 2.4G 4CH RC Robot

10% OFF for 6 In 1 Smart RC Robot Toy

10% OFF for B6 Nano Battery Charger

10% OFF for iCharger X6 800W Battery Charger

15% OFF for Tools

10% OFF for Programmable Robot Arm

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Banggood 11.11 Feast – Many coupons, lots of discounts!

Smart Watch with Fitness Tracker, Music Control and Blood Pressure

$50 Off for AllCall W2 Smart Watch (Code: allcall210)

Pre-order: $70 Off for Zeblaze THOR 4 Plus Android Smart Watch

28% Off for Multirotor and FPV Equipment (Code: 28rc)

25% Off for Various Products (Code: CS911)

10% Off for Programmable Robot Arm (Code: ARM10)

50% Off for Arduino Modules

Up to 60% Off for DANIU Products (Code: 960646)

10% Off for SkyRC B6 Nano 320W 15A Charger

10% Off for X6 800W 30A LCD Screen Charger

15% Off for BERRYLION Tools

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12% Off for RC Helis, Lipo Chargers and Lipo Batteries

10% Off for Quadcopter Parts

Babyhawk R Pro Mini FPV Racing Quadcopter

10% Off for Programmable Robot Arm

SkyRC B6 Nano 320W Smart Battery Charger

10% Off for iCharger X6 800W Battery Charger

7% Off for Programmable Smart-Robot

15% Off for Tools

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R9 16CH Long Range Telemetry Receiver

Mini Car Air Freshener

Magnetic Aluminium Phone Holder

10% Off for IonX ESC

ISDT 10W 1.5A Smart Battery Charger

15% Off for Tools

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$50 Off for Ulefone X

15% Off for Programmable Robot

15% Off for ISDT A4 10W Smart Battery Charger

10% Off for SKYRC B6 Nano 320W 15A Battery Charger

30% Off for JJRC-R2 Robot

15% Off for Tools

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10% Off for SkyRC B6 Nano 320W 15A Ladegerät

15% Coupon for Cutting Tools

20% Coupon for Multirotor Parts

12% Coupon for Digoo DG-OTK IP Camera

Extra 30% Coupon for JJRC R2 Candy USB Charge Robot

10% Coupon for DIY Stem Robot

15% Coupon for BERRYLION Werkzeuge

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20% Discount on Multirotor Parts

Discount onf Xiaomi Mitu WiFi Copter

Discount on Brushless Motors

10% Discount on Hubsan Drones

Discount onf Eachine Wizard TS215 Quadcopter

Discount onf Eachine E010S Pro Quadcopter

SALE: Magnetic Toys

Up to 46% Discount on Earphones

15% Discount on Tools

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