Cinema4D / Sony Vegas: Animated Intro #4

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This video intro for my aerial videos simulates the Phantom flying through a dense, vivid landscape. The landscape was not created in the video editor, it was entirely created and rendered in Cinema4D.

The 3d camers simply hovers above a stack of many textured planes.The somewhat artifical 2d look is purely intentional, which was my primary goal for this experiment.

The entire animation was renderd in C4D (as usual), post production was done with Sony Vegas.


I am working with Cinema4D for more than fifteen years now (semi professional), but I still find myself discovering new stuff almost every day. It's absolutely amazing how much functionality Maxon packed into this mighty tool while keeping a clean and intuitive user interface. For me, Cinema4D is the perfect allrounder and I use it for all kind of graphics and animations.

DJI Phantom 3d modell

The shown DJI Phantom 3d model was created with Cinema 4D. It's a highly detailed replica of the original, which took me several weeks to finish. If you would like to learn more about this project, see my article Detailed DJI Phantom 3D Model.

Sony Vegas

I love working with Sony Vegas. In my mind, it's the most decent video editing tool today. You might argue that there are a lot more plugins available for Adobe products like Premiere and After Effects -but all major plugins are available for Vegas, too. At least, all my personal favorites. Vegas offers a cleaner, faster interface than Adobe products and, in contrary to Premiere and After Effects, it also runs perfect when you are using a non NVIDIA graphics card like ATI/AMD.

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