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DJI Spark: Forest Flight

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On hot summer days it’s a pleasure to hike through the cool and shady forest – and to use the camera drone to capture atmospheric, almost mystical pictures.

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It’s as quiet as in a church. One wants to whisper involuntarily so as not to disturb the peace of this place. The silence in a forest has something mystical, perhaps that is the reason why our ancestors worshipped forests as sacred places. On a hot summer day, when the sun burns from the sky at almost 30 degrees Celsius, it is also the perfect place to escape your hectic everyday life and to find peace and relaxation.

“Flying in the woods with the camera drone? Are you nuts?” This is about the reaction of many drone-fliers when it comes to film in the dense forest. But why not? After all, the tiny Spark has everything you need on board: sensors to avoid collisions with the vegetation and also some flight modes that are perfectly suited for this.

Especially the “Tripod” mode is ideal for navigating the Spark literally to the centimetre between branches and trees. Note: since I am flying with a patched app on which all flight modes of the Mavic are unlocked for the Spark, I am not sure if this mode is also available in the original, unpatched app. But as a Spark owner, you should “upgrade” to a patched app anyways ?

Even without Tripod Mode the Spark does quite well in the forest, but then you should rather stay on the paths. The tripod mode significantly reduces the speed and reaction of the copter – even when the stick is fully deflected, it glides slowly and leisurely. Very, very slowly. In normal use, this mode works so slowly that you almost want to lose patience. But it is ideal for use close to people, in an apartment, a full warehouse – or even in the forest.

Editor rating: 4.5 / 5

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