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DJI Spark: River Flight

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There may still be people who believe DJI’s PR staff and consider the Spark a “selfie drone”. These videos prove the opposite – and show that the little one really is a great companion.

Spring is here – and this year it comes with temperatures of over 20 degrees. So it’s time to let the camera drone fly again. After a long time with the Phantom 2 (which I flew all across Bavaria) I decided to switch over to the DJI Spark since the P2 became too big and unwieldy for me. The Spark is remarkably small and compact (DJI Spark Review).

Simply advertised by DJI as a “selfie drone”, the Spark is actually the ideal companion on hikes or on holiday. The compact size makes it possible to take it with you literally everywhere – and above all to let it fly inconspicuously. Already at a height of about ten meters the little one is hardly visible and also much quieter than his big brothers. This is of course a great advantage for filmmakers who do not always want to be the focus of attention.

Our first stop leads us to the Lechwehr in the Firnhaberau, a district of Augsburg, Bavaria – right next to the world-famous MAN plants, where Rudolf Diesel developed the diesel engine in 1893 with the financial support of Friedrich Krupp. Without the Diesel motor, the world would be a different one today.

In the second video we see the Hochablass in Augsburg, a weir that stretches across the river Lech. Here, water is branched off from the Lech, which is led via the capital stream into Augsburg’s old town and flows through the Lechviertel together with the water of the Lochbach in many canals.

The Augsburger Eiskanal branches off to the right of the Hochablass and leads back into the Lech. It was originally used as a bypass channel for drift ice so that it would not damage the turbines of the waterworks at the high outlet in winter. In 1971 it was converted into a canoe section for the 1972 Summer Olympic Games.

Video: Lech river near MAN plant

Video: The Hochablass weir

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