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Review: 1000TVL Micro FPV Camera

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There isn’t plenty of space available on micro / mini drones and most pre-installed FPV cams are quite crappy, so we tested the ultra-small, lightweight 1000TVL FPV cam from Banggood, one of the smallest and lightest FPV cameras available. Is it a good replacement camera? How does it perform?

1000TVL Micro FPV Camera

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1000TVL Micro FPV


Ultra light-weight: 1.2g
Ultra small: 8mm x 8mm
170 degree FOV
Resolution: 1280 x 960
Power consumption: 80mA @ 5V
Current: 3.3V – 5V
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Mini and micro racers are quite trendy – last but not least due to the restrited drone laws in many countries. Unfortunately, many manufacturers tend to pre-install inferior FPV cams on their mini drones. Best example: the Rodeo 110 from Walkera (Review), which is incredibly much fun and in almost every way earns a top rating, but since it comes with a crappy FPV camera, we were looking for a good alternative.

With only 1.2 gram of weight and sized just 8mm x 8mm, the 1000TVL is so small that it fits on a fingertip. The camera actually consists of a 2.8mm lensand a small circuit board, where’s a tiny microphone attached to (which we unfortunately could not test, because our FPV equipment does not transmit any audio). The camera is equipped with four 10cm long wires: black for ground, red for the input voltage (3.3V – 5V), yellow for the video signal to the video transmitter and white for audio. If the latter one is not needed, you can also disconnect the white cable, as well as the microphone.

Caution: Due to the incredibly small size of the camera, the soldering points of the cables are quite fragile. Once pulled too hard on the cable and the thing is off. So be careful.

Ideally, the 1000TVL fits perfectly into the camera holder of the Rodeo 110, so replacing the camera takes only minutes and does not require a major conversion. Only the cable connector (4-pin Micro JST) differs from the original camera of the Rodeo (3-pin). Here we simply cut the cables of both cameras and soldered to each other so that the connections fit.

The first outdoor test was a surprise: the tiny 1000TVL not only offers a much sharper picture than the rodeo camera and much brighter, saturated colors, but also performs way better with light / dark changes. The original camera of the Rodeo (and this unfortunately applies to the majority of cheap FPV cameras), does not perform well when you point them towards the bright sky. Any darker area (the ground) quickly gets too dark then.

The 1000TVL performs very well here with bright and dark areas mixed together – and it even does on cloudy days. Of course you can not expect miracles at the price of a little more than 10 EUR and regarding the incredibly small size, but compared to the rodeo camera the 1000TVL really cuts off superbly. Also the camera of the KingKong 90GT (Review) falls back against the 1000TVL, which makes the 1000TVL a perfect replacement camera for the Kong also.

The 1000TVL features a viewing angle of 170 degrees, wich is very pleasant when flying a racing quad. You don’t want to try a landing maneuver while you are captured in a tunnel view. Power consumption is quite low with only 80mAh at 5V and we could not detect any shorter flight times.


The 1000TVL is a small miracle – at least in comparison with most other micro FPV cameras and especially if you consider the price for just a little mor than 10 EUR. Meanwhile, we have the 1000TVL installed on almost every one of our mini and micro quads and are absolutely satisfied. The camera is so incredibly small and light that it really fits on every vehicle or quad. It delivers a top picture with rich colors, nice sharpness and good light / dark handling.


Comparison: Rodeo Cam / 1000TVL:

1000 TVL on the Rodeo 110:

1000tvl fpv cam test review ccd fpv mini micro drone mini racing micro racing drone fpv cam mike vom mars blog

1000TVL Micro FPV


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Editor rating: 4.5 / 5

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