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Review: Haylou GT1 Bluetooth Headphones

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Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds for under 20 euros? Can that be any good? We tested an inexpensive pair and experienced a little surprise.

Most people who listen to audio books or music every day on the way to work, while jogging or cycling, don’t remember how annoying it was to fiddle around with cables just a couple of years ago. Also, the sound quality was (and still is) pure agony with almost all cable earbuds. It’s hard to believe, however, what has happened recently in the field of Bluetooth headphones, especially earbuds.

The tiny earbuds now not only have an often astonishingly good sound, but also an impressive battery life – and can be recharged quickly anywhere and at any time thanks to a small and mobile charging box.

Here’s our review and test of the Haylou GT1 TWS which also fall into this category and are available for less than 20 Euros at Banggood. But what are these inexpensive earbuds good for?

Haylou GT1 Earbuds bluetooth headset headphones banggood coupon mike vom mars blog test review


Technical Specifications

Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Bluetooth Version:5.0
Colors:Black, White
Impedance:32 Ohm
Frequency Spectrum:20 – 20kHz
Capacity:Charging box: 310mAh, 3.7V
Earbuds: 43mAh, 3.7V
Charging Time:Charging box: 2 hrs.
Earbuds: 1.5 hrs.
Standby:Charging box: 4 months
Earbuds: 100 hrs.


The earbuds sit in a small and handy charging box, which not only serves as a storage box, but also recharges the earbuds anytime and anywhere. Thanks to a capacity of 310mAh, the charging box’s battery only needs to be recharged about once a week (depending on how long it is used, of course), which is of course very practical, and it has a standby time of a whopping four months. Charging the box takes about 2 hours and is done via a micro USB input.

As soon as you put the earbuds in the charging box, they charge automatically. At most, charging takes about 1.5 hours, and the earbuds are then ready to use again for a good 3.5 hours, but they can also be taken out of the box and used at any time. The earbuds activate automatically as soon as you take them out of the box and can then be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, PC, etc. As far as everything as usual.


What really surprises very pleasantly with the Haylou GT1 is the good and balanced sound – and that at a price of less than 20 euros. No tinny sound here, the basses are clear (though not exaggerated) and do not creak. The trebles are clear and crystalline. Nothing rattles here. The sound out-of-the-box is already quite convincing and pleasant. If you play a bit with the equalizer of the VLC Player app, you can even refine it a bit more until the sound is really extremely good and suitable for techno, goa, electronic, as well as pop and rock. Even audio books (i.e. speech) sound very pleasant on the Haylou GT1. Really good all-rounders so, which would not be expected for this low price quite!

💡 Hint: use these equalizer settings to get the best out of the Haylou GT1:

Haylou GT1 Earbuds bluetooth headset headphones banggood coupon mike vom mars blog test review



The Haylou GT1 Earbuds come with a short 15cm micro USB charging cable and three pairs of rubber plugs in different sizes, so the earbuds should fit in any ear canal out there. Especially the short charging cable is very practical, because we are all always in need for short USB cables, aren’t we?

The earbuds are operated via a small touch surface on the outside of the earbuds: tap once to pause, tap again to play, long tap to turn on or off. Incoming calls can be accepted by a short tap and stalled by a long press.

The only strange thing is that there is no function to change the volume. We have never come across that before. How can that be? Normally, it is common to decrease the volume by long pressing on the left plug and to increase it by long pressing on the right one. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the Haylou GT1. So the volume must be changed here on the player itself. One should know that.

The charging box nice and small and round, so it fits in any jeans or shirt pocket. It is smaller than a matchbox and thus 100% mobile.

We didn’t notice any delays when watching videos thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. Video and sound were always perfectly in sync, even with videos played over network (tested with VLC Player on Android smartphone).


Bluetooth 5.0, long playtime and a really great, balanced sound – not self-evident for Earbuds under 20 euros. From us, a clear recommendation – provided that you can live with the fact that the volume can unfortunately not be changed directly via the earbuds and thus can only be changed on the player itself. Perhaps the manufacturer fixes this shortcoming with a firmware update.

✅ Great sound
✅ Long runtime
✅ Small and handy
✅ Bluetooth 5.0
✅ Great price

❌ No volume change possible Direct Link: Haylou GT1 TWS Earbuds

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Haylou GT1 Earbuds bluetooth headset headphones banggood coupon mike vom mars blog test review


Editor rating: 4.5 / 5

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