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Flying at Rotwand Mountain and Spitzingsee Lake

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Again we’re flying with the DJI Phantom drone over the impressive Rotwand mountain and the Spitzingsee Lake in the Bavarian alps which offer an epic scenic panorama.


The Rotwand (“Red Wall”) is a 1,884 m high peak in the Mangfall Mountains in Bavaria, the highest summit in the Spitzingsee region and one of the most popular of Munich’s local mountains (Hausberge). The summit may be reached in an easy hike from the lake of Spitzingsee on various routes (e. g. through the Pfanngraben gorge with its picturesque whirlpools). The summit can be attained even more easily from the nearby mountain station on the Taubenstein and, as a result, can often become rather overcrowded on summer’s days.

Alternatively the top can be climbed from Geitau via the lake of Soinsee. Below the summit, at a height of 1,737 m, is the mountain hut of Rotwandhaus.

In winter the Rotwand is frequently climbed by skiers. The classic Rotwand-Reib’n runs from the Spitzingsee to the Rotwand, then over the Kümpflscharte arête (1,695 m) to the Auerspitz summit (1,811 m), continuing via the alpine pasture of Großtiefentalalm (1,500 m), the Miesing saddle (1,704 m; with detours to the Hochmiesing), Kleintiefentalalm and Taubensteinhaus and back to the Spitzingsee. This tour is also possible with snowshoes.

The “problem bear” Bruno was believed to be the first wild bear on German soil for 170 years. He was declared a threat to humans and killed on 26 June 2006 around 4.50 am in the Rotwand area after he had been seen at the Rotwandhaus.

My Drone Shots

Most of my aerial shots and videos are done from first-person view using Fatshark goggles and the DJI Phantom 2 V2 with the Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal. I am not a fan of the latest "once click" drones with all the built-in smartphone stuff. Digital video submission does not provide the same, smooth experience than analog 5.8GHz submission and suffers from a low framerate and a high latency - which is absolutely deadly for a pleasant FPV experience.


phantom rotwand spitzingsee alps alpen bavaria bayern fpv zenmuse flug flying herbststimmung autumn mood

phantom rotwand spitzingsee alps alpen bavaria bayern fpv zenmuse flug flying herbststimmung autumn mood

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  1. Fritz Schopf = "Opa Fritz" Saturday, 13. October 2018, 10:18 AM

    Hallo, ihr Beiden, das sind wunderschöne Aufnahmen!!!
    Eine leise Frage am Rande: Ist der Horizont bei dieser Drohne immer so gekrümmt? Un wie kommt ihr mit den Blendenflecken zurecht?
    Kein Abbruch meiner Bewunderung! Bitte macht weiter so!
    Liebe Grüße aus dem Fränkischen Seenland.

  2. Hallo Fritz, danke für deinen Kommentar. Um möglichst viel von dem schönen Panorama auf das Video zu kriegen, habe ich im Weitwinkelmodus gefilmt, also mit ca. 140 Grad Blickwinkel. Die dadurch entstehende Krümmung kann man später herausrechnen, aber das war mir hier nicht so wichtig. Um Sonnenblendungen und flackernde Propellerschatten zu vermeiden steckt man einfach eine simple Blende auf das Objektiv – die ich an jenem Tag aber dummerweise zu hause vergessen hatte 😊

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