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Bluetooth Earbuds for less than 20 Euros (Part 2)

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Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds for under 20 euros? We recently tested a cheap pair and experienced a positive surprise. Therefore, we throw another candidate around 20 EUR into the ring: the Blitzwolf BW-FYE12 TWS.

The Haylou GT1 TWS Earbuds we tested the other day and found to be surprisingly good convinced us with a very nice sound, but also came with the small disadvantage: you could only change the volume on the device itself and not on the Earbuds. For some users, that may not be a problem (for us, it didn’t prove annoying in practice), but for others, it actually might be.

In addition, in-ear headphones are not everyone’s choice. While some praise the better sound with less ambient noise, others find it simply “too invasive”. So for those users who may be bothered by these two points, here is an alternative pair of Earbuds for 20 Euros.

Blitzwolf-BW-FYE12-TWS Earbuds bluetooth headset headphones banggood coupon mike vom mars blog test review


Technische Daten

Blitzwolf BW-FYE12 TWS
Bluetooth Version:5.0
Microphone / Telefonie:Yes
Frequency Range:20 – 20kHz
Playtime:4 hrs. per charge
22 hrs. total
Capacity:Charging box: 500mAh, 3.7V
Earbuds: 45mAh, 3.7V
Ladezeit:Charging box: 2 hrs.
Earbuds: 1.5 hrs.
Standby:60 hrs.
Charging plug:USB-C


The Earbuds also sit in a small and handy charging case, which not only serves as a storage box, but also recharges the earbuds anytime and anywhere. The charging box is a bit bigger than the very compact and almost tiny Haylou Earbuds, but offers a capacity of 500mAh instead of 310mAh. Charging the box takes about 2 hours and is done via USB-C input. A corresponding – pleasantly short – cable is included.

As soon as you put the plugs into the charging box, they charge automatically. The charging process takes a maximum of about 1.5 hours, the earplugs are then ready for use again for a good 4 hours, but can also be taken out of the box and used at any time. The plugs activate automatically as soon as you take them out of the box and can then be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, PC, etc. As far as everything is as usual.


The most obvious difference to the Haylou GT1 is the sound of the Blitzwolf Earbuds: due to the design, they unfortunately offer much less bass than the Haylou. That doesn’t mean that the basses sound tinny or so – no, they are simply not there. However, the overall sound is very clear and crystalline. Only the basses are not present. If you prefer a warm, bass-heavy sound, the Blitzwolf will sound a bit too bright and dry. However, the clear, pure sound is actually very suitable for speech, audio books or telephony.

💡 Tip: with these sound settings, you get the best out of the Blitzwolf Earbuds:

Blitzwolf BW-FYE12 TWS Earbuds bluetooth headset headphones banggood coupon mike vom mars blog test review



The Blitzwolf BW-FYE12 Earbuds come with a short, 15cm long USB-C charging cable. The obligatory, replaceable rubber plugs are unfortunately missing, which is exactly why you somehow get the feeling that you could lose the Earbuds at any moment when wearing them. They simply feel “loose” – especially if you are used to the perfect fit of full in-ear headphones. But even if it feels strange, the Blitzwolf sit tight enough not to fall out even when dancing, as our voluntary disco dance and Pogo tests revealed.

The Earbuds are also operated via touch on the outer sides of the plugs. Fortunately, the volume can also be controlled here, in contrast to the Haylou Earbuds. Further gestures can be used to accept calls (or push them away), skip tracks forward or back, pause, etc. All functions are available here.

The charging box here is also nice and small and round. Maybe a little too round – if you don’t have rubbery sweaty fingers, the box could easily slip out of your dry fingers.


Bluetooth 5.0, long playtime and a great price. The volume can also be changed directly on the earbuds. The playtime and battery are slightly longer than the Haylou Earbuds, but the Blitzwolf have much less bass in the sound due to their design. Absolutely recommended if you do not like in-ear headphones, otherwise we would rather go for the Haylou – but that is ultimately a matter of taste.

✅ Clear, bright sound
✅ Good playtime
✅ Bluetooth 5.0
✅ Nice price

❌ Lack of bass
❌ Somewhat loose feel, as without rubber caps Direct Link: Blitzwolf BW-FYE12 TWS Earbuds

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Hint: If you order via, the VAT for EU residents is already collected at the time of purchase, so it does not have to be paid later at customs. The delivery is therefore convenient and stress-free!

BlitzWolf-BW-FYE12 Earbuds bluetooth headset headphones banggood coupon mike vom mars blog test review


Editor rating: 4.0 / 5

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