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Review: Happymodel Mobula 7 1S-2S

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Happymodel Mobula 7
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Happymodel Mobula 6 Mobula 7 1s 2s review mods test telemetry lost mike-vom-mars

Betaflight setting

In order to bind the FrSky receiver of our Mobula 7 to the X-LITE a little preparation was necessary: by default “SPI Bus Receiver Provider” in Betaflight is set to FrSky_X. So the Mobula 7 should be able to bind in D16 mode of the X-LITE or Taranis – which didn’t work for us.

Only after we had changed this setting to FrSky_D we could bind the Mobula – but in D8 mode. So we recommend to try both: FrSky_X in Betaflight and bind in D16 mode (WITHOUT telemetry) or FrSky_D and bind in D8 mode.

Binding procedure: If the receiver is not yet bound, the Mobula flashes with a white LED. To bind the Mobula, simply plug it into your computer via USB or power the receiver by attaching one or two batteries to the Whoop. Now press the bind button, which is easy to reach with a screwdriver or toothpick, even without removing the hood. The white LED stops flashing and lights up permanently. This indicates that the Whoop is ready to bind now.

Happymodel Mobula 6 Mobula 7 1s 2s review mods test telemetry lost mike-vom-mars

Bind button

Now activate the bind function in your TX. After a few seconds the Mobula starts flashing again. This indicates that the binding process was successful.

If this doesn’t work, please open the Betaflight Configurator and check if you have entered FrSky_X or FrSky_D under “SPI Bus Receiver Provider”. Depending on what you use there, you have to bind the Mobula in D16 or D8 mode (in D16 mode telemetry should NOT be activated). One of these combinations should work.

“Telemetry lost! Telemetry found!”

If you open the Betaflight Configurator while your Mobula is connected to your TX you might experience a strange behaviour: as soon as the Mobula is connected to Betaflight, the receiver logs on, off, on again etc. at intervals of one or two seconds, which is acknowledged by the TX with very annoying voice output.

The exact reason for this has not yet been fully clarified and it seems that it cannot be fixed yet. This could be a Betaflight bug, but also a problem with the Crazybee flight controller. In any case, there seems to be a conflict between those two. Don’t let this intimidate you – the Whoop can still be configured as usual, even if it’s a bit more annoying than usual. It’s a good idea to set the TX to a low volume and stubbornly make all Betaflight settings neccessary.

The Mobula 7 is already preconfigured. Only the setting for the “SPI Bus Receiver Provider” may have to be changed (see above). In our case it was still necessary to change the channel map (the input field on the receiver side in Betaflight, where e.g. “TAER1234” is written). This order must of course match the order of the channels as you have set them in your TX’ profile.

Then you can adjust the rates to your taste, or just leave them as they are. Maybe configure the OSD as you are used to, check the stick modes and that’s it.

Tame Mobula 7: Set a Throttle Limit

If you want to fly the Mobula 7 indoors, you will quickly notice that it is too agile with 2S. Here it is recommended to fly it with only one battery or to set a throttle limit. The following video explains how this works:

Happymodel Mobula 7
Mobula 7 HD Version 2Coupon: GBAVI52010
Mobula 7 1S-2S Complete BoxCoupon: GBAVI52010

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